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Walking Dead Terminus Map Shower Curtain Leads You To Hot, Steamy Relaxation

If nothing else, ThinkGeek’s original THE WALKING DEAD Terminus Map Shower Curtain will remind you, beyond one single bone of contention, that we never know just how good we have it until we can strip down at the end of the day and step beneathing steamy, soothing water.

Ah, Terminus. Nice touch, Robert Kirkman. We’re nerds for all seasons, so as avowed history buffs, we can appreciate the nod to the old-timey times of THE WALKING DEAD’s Atlanta setting. Literally translated as “The End”, the name “Terminus” once stood for the Georgia hub city’s position as the end of the railroad’s line. To the survivors of the original comics and its companion AMC adaptation, it’s a glimmer of hope that someplace among that apocalyptic hell-hole still promises running water and, yes, a healing hot shower’s fleeting, sweet comfort.

Hey, you traipse about wearing zombie blood the way some people wear spray-on tans and see if you don’t develop a new reverence for hot water heaters.

With this officially licensed vinyl curtain, you’ll know that body wash and shampoo await just on the map’s other side. No decaptitation of shambling, snarling walkers needed. Doubly lucky for you, 10 or 15 minutes under that heavenly hot spray won’t come with every single other daily tragedy and terror that await Rick Grimes and Co. in every waking moment.


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Perfect for stopping zombie gut splatter

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