Walking Dead RolePlay Weapon Makes Zombies Bite the Dust with Daryl’s Crossbow

Got a taste for some zombie-slaying action? Can’t get enough of Rick, Daryl, and the gang on their search for survival? Show those zombies your bite is worse than your bark with a symbol of sweaty lethal justice.ThinkGeek has created a variety of Roleplay Weapons for your zombie-killing needs. In this case, use a plastic replica of Daryl’s Crossbow to exact revenge on those zombies for biting your brother Merle and making the world a living nightmare! The arrow tip may be made of rubber but when you pull the trigger, you’ll get a realistic sound and kickback from this ranged weapon.

If you’re plotting revenge on the governor or simply looking for vital supplies and taking names as you go, this crossbow will keep those flesh-eating bastards at bay.

Walking Dead Daryls Crossbow (1) Walking Dead Daryls Crossbow


Source – ThinkGeek

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