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WALKING DEAD Dead Inside Door Cling Honors A Legendary Show’s Defining Moment

In its sixth season and showing no signs whatsoever of losing steam, it’s a mindblowing challenge for a fan of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD to nail down a single definitive, favorite visual.

Maybe it’s Carl and his pudding. Perhaps it was the moment everyone went full “F*** this noise”, opened Herschel’s barn, and culled his herd. For some, it’s the first time Michonne showed up leading her jawless-walker brother and boyfriend around on leashes. The first pan-up reveal of the prison? Rick Grimes’ detente with The Governor? That time Daryl Dixon held a crossbow and scowled like he’d just whiffed a wet fart?

Well, we have no such doubts about our quintessential moment. First episode. Rick wakes from his coma having missed the dead-man’s party, only to happen upon a couple chained hospital doors crudely warning all who pass by, “Don’t Open Dead Inside”.

That’s our favorite. Why? Watch the first five seasons. It was the first and one of the only to-date times someone stopped for a second on this show and thought, “Common sense? Yeah, I’ll try that. Walking away, now.”

OK, cynicism aside, this matte WALKING DEAD Door Cling from ThinkGeek is a superb salute to what has become an unprecedented drama and one of its first defining moments. The material is even considerately processed without a doorknob hole, so that you or whoever you might gift this to can customize it to fit their own.


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