Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag Is Tough Gear For Zombie Ass Kickers Everywhere

The writing on “The Walking Dead” will never be mistaken for the work of Shonda Rhimes or Norman Lear. Just as well, since we damn sure aren’t glued to our TVs every Sunday night like genuine walker-intestine camouflage on Rick Grimes’s shoulders in the high-noon Atlanta sun awaiting Daryl Dixon’s treatise on humanity itself being the engine of its own demise.

No, we dig that mofo with a crossbow just the way he is: a hardened survivor who leaves more than enough said between a well-placed bolt to a zombie’s computer and his far more outspoken new boomstick best friend. He’s an iconic murder machine, and if you aren’t down with Dixon, you could hardly call yourself a fan.

That’s the beauty of this “The Walking Dead” Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag. It’s a testament to one of the greatest things about following the show, comics and best-selling video games, that joy of having a fellow fan nod in impressed deference at the recognition of the wings emblazoned on the celebrated survivor’s jacket. This bag’s combination of sturdy washed canvas and faux leather is 100% zombie apocalypse-ready. You’ll find a wealth of pockets made to tote every necessary tool a waster of walkers could possibly need.

When you’re ready to graduate from Little Ass-Kicker to the only sumbitch badder than a redneck so tough you could give him a hammer and he’d spit nails – hey, after all, one’s still alive and the other isn’t – the Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag leaves no doubt you’ve moved up in the world.

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Perfect for carrying your zombie gear during a walker outbreak.

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