WalkCar Personal Transporter Is The Thinnest Yet. How Low Can it Go?

Big city life can take its toll on your feet, especially when you have to walk more than a few blocks on a daily basis, which has made personal transporters a hot item of late. However, many personal transporter devices are either too bulky to lug around or too pricey for many folks, which doesn’t make them an ideal alternative to walking up and down the street all day.

new type of personal transporter, the WalkCar, was invented by Cocoa Motors in Japan to transform the large size of personal transporters, bringing them down to size. In fact, the WalkCar has gotten pretty low, lower than any other personal transporter on the market. It looks exactly like a standard laptop with wheels. And, when you stand on it, it looks like your riding your laptop computer down the street! Thinner and smaller than an electric skateboard.

The first thing that pops into your mind when you see a WalkCar is… how fast does it go? Well, at top speed, on a flat surface, you can expect speeds as high as 6.2 mph, and it has enough juice in its battery to take you approximately 7.5 miles. It may not sound like much, but it’s definitely as fast as a man can run, and  at only 6.6 pounds it can support riders as heavy as 265 pounds!

The price tag for this little low-rider is also low; it is expected to ‘run’ you about $800, so you don’t have to walk where you are going.


Source – CoolThings via Reuters / CocoaMotors

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