Walabot Gives You X-Ray Vision To See Behind Walls Using A Smartphone

Do-it-yourself projects are very popular today with property owners because people can save money doing their own repair work around the home, which usually requires making alterations to walls, and even flooring. Professional trades people such as carpenters and plumbers regularly cut into walls, and knowing what is behind walls helps them limit the risk of unintended damage and personal injury.

Walabot (2)

Walabot is an amazing tool that people can use to see into drywall, hollow-block and plywood walls, up to 4 inches thick. Using an Android phone running 5.0 or higher with OTG. You can see electric wiring, pipes, plastic and metals that are behind walls, and then avoid these when making alterations.

Most people have no idea what is behind the walls of their homes, but with multiple sensing modes, Walabot will reveal any plastic or metal pipes, studs and wires, so you can avoid damaging these when making repairs or alterations to your home. And, that’s not all, it can even detect movement behind walls.

So, if you suspect you have a mouse in the house, just place this scanner against the wall and you can see if there is any movement. There are many uses you can find for this amazing scanner, once you use it, you can’t imagine not having one.



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It shows you plastic & metal pipes, electrical wires and studs through walls

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