Waitomo Glowworm Cave Imbues Our Boring World With Otherworldly Illumination

Have you ever seen a glowing cave? Yeh, probably not, but we all know nature can be a beautiful and wonderful thing, even in a strange way. This 30 million-year-old cave system called the Waitomo is no exception to weird, especially once you learn of the origin of the ethereal glow.

The New Zealand-based caves get their celestial light from glowing worms, more specifically female larva that hope to attract mates. These larva are also known as arachnocampa luminosa and make this location world renowned and a magnet for tourists.

Who said magic isn’t possible? You just have to look hard enough to find it around you, and these worms give Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy a run for her money.

Source – IFLScience via JoeMichael 


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