Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick Catapults Users 10 Feet For Aerial Mastery

If you’ve ever used a pogo stick or still have one, throw that old thing away. Everyone knows they’re pretty much useless. Life now may be a little more on the boring side, but you can still live it up by bouncing around. A US-based company called Vurtego is bringing back an old concept and renovating it with their V4 Extreme pogo stick.This aluminum-cased pogo stick is designed for adults, not meddling children and can launch its user up to 10 feet in the air. Yes, you heard us right. It will literally launch you in the air. Basically this is a portable trampoline that can launch anyone over 75 lbs.

Though we recommend starting on the grass, we know you’ll do what you want. Shoot, we’re not your parents.

Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick 5 Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick 4 Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick 3 Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick 2

Source – Gizmag via Vurtego
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