VR Video Streaming Spy Rover Goes Undercover Like No Other ATV Can

Duh dun duhdun. A wire lowers you down from the ceiling and your x-ray vision goggles show you the vault behind the fake bookcase. You drop down and use a laser gun to cut through the bookcase and into the vault to get intel on the big heist planned. Quick, someone’s coming! You jump out the window and swing to safety with your grappling hook onto the roof of a nearby building.

While not everyone can be Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible or James Bond, you can feel like a spy with the Video Streaming Spy Rover. Slip on the virtual reality goggles (unfortunately not x-ray) and stream real-time video from the rover as it goes into the secret mission for you. The camera on the mini ATV captures 640 x 480 video and streams it directly to you via the included VR goggles. It also saves the video to a microSD card (not included) to save and watch again later.

The controller gives the spy the capability to move left and right, control acceleration and reverse, and adjust the angle of the camera throughout the mission. To make sure your intelligence is perfect, the camera has 3 zoom settings, collects audio, and LED lights. The remote-control ATV runs on 10 AA batteries and is great for spies of all ages (recommended for ages 8 and up). Video playback is supported via Windows 10 Media Player and older versions are supported with a free software download.

This durable vehicle is built to ensure your top-secret missions are properly outfitted for years to come. Put a smile on the face of the secret agent in your life and get your hands on this stealthy video collector today.

  • Vehicle runs on 10 AA batteries
  • Best for ages 8 and up (great for spies of all ages)
  • Measurements: 21″ L x 7 3/4″ W x 13″ H


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Go On That Secret Mission Like A Spy

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