Volocopter 18-Rotor Copter Is A Human-Sized Drone That Carries People

Remote control quadcopters are everywhere today, they are fun to fly and are now very useful for taking aerial photography, that is why governments are using them as drones to monitor their citizens activities and their enemies movements on the battlefield.

It was inevitable that one day someone would make a larger version of the quadcopter, big enough to carry a passenger. That day has come. The Volocopter is much more than a larger version of a quadcopter, it uses 18 rotor blades instead of just four.

The extra rotor blades provide greater stability, control and safety, because if a rotor blade fails, the rest of the blades can still keep the craft afloat. Although this is the first prototype, it has been a complete success and the company plans on churning them out from Germany within the next two years.

If you ever wanted to fly, safely, then the Volocop

ter is for you, it is probably the most stable flying machine ever, and that should make anyone feel safe.

Source – Volocopter


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