Vintage VW Camper Van Toaster Brings A Little Vintage ’60s Style To Breakfast

A little tinge of “yesterday” gives everything an extra-special taste. Just ask anybody who has ever chased Jager Bombs with a midnight quesarito and sacrificed that “fourth meal” to the Porcelain God during THE TODAY SHOW about eight hours later.

Of course, if you’ve ever savored your breakfast with a side of sunshine in the cozy back of a vintage Volkswagen RV, you know that some memories taste better than others. This stainless steel VW Camper Van Toaster captures just a hint of those unforgettable bygone days with hot-buttered goodness every single morning in the singular style of the freewheeling ’60s.

This handsome, shiny two-slice toaster comes equipped with variable heat settings include handy defrost and reheat functions, never leaving you with too much burning heat to torch your toast. A little slice of advice: you may require a voltage converter/transformer if using the V@ Camper Van Toaster in the United States. Check out any local supplier of quality electrical supplies and accessories.

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Enjoy a slice of the great vintage era

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