Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator & Dispenser Turns Your Wine From Swill To Swell

As a look back at a number of our sommelier-friendly product features will demonstrate, we have yet to cross the threshold of owning far too many gadgets that make wine tastier. Even among such a varied arsenal of wine dispensing doodads, the Vinaera stands as tall for its innovation as it does with its effectiveness.

The world’s very first electronic wine and spirit aerator won Red Dot’s 2014 Best of the Best Award for a damn good reason: it blows away a traditional decanter bottle’s 30 minutes to one full hour of aeration by dispensing fully aerated wine directly from bottle to glass through a patented air injection process at the push of a button. We’re talking about an ounce every two seconds.


Chalk a sizable portion of Vinaera’s remarkable efficiency up to exposing wine to six times the bubble surface of a traditional funnel-style aerator. Aerating a spirit in this fashion with such a sizable exposure releases fusel alcohols through oxidation, reducing “spice” and bitterness.

Its patented design directly injects the stream of wine pushed through the dispenser spout from the bottle with air as it pours to release its distinctive aromas and flavors as quickly and effectively as possible while softening its natural tannins. The instant aeration process releases the wine’s full bouquet for your enjoyment from the very first glass.

Raise a glass to better drinking through science, everyone.

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Wine never tasted better, or easier to pour more

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