Viking Ship Custom PC Case Cruises Into Nordic Legend Winning Casecom Award

Are you drawn to old wooden ships of the Viking era, and to the hardy warriors/seamen who manned them? There is definitely a ‘calling’ when it comes to Viking themed stuff, especially to those who respect the fierceness and pioneering culture that evolved from the way of life, adventurous, to say the least!

Well, it is not surprising then that at this year’s Bit-tech awards the best dressed custom computer case went to Ali Abbas – a Viking-themed, wooden computer case, which Ali calls “Ragner’s Revenge. The Viking ship atop the case, the side wing like sails that open up, the cleverly hidden computer ports and mounted speakers are nothing less than evidence of true craftsmanship of the highest level, leaving all that cast their coveting eyes… wanting; a computer case of their own, just like it!

You will too, once you give this wooden, custom-made, Viking-themed computer case a good looking-over.



Source – Technabob via German Casemod Championship / BitTech

8 Total Score
Puts all Scurvy Dog Mods To Shame

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