Viking Horn Glass To Raise And Have One More For The Bifrost

Whoever holds this Viking Horn Glass, if he be thirsty, shall drink the beer of THOR!

Come, take this Nordic-style drinking horn from its stately birch-wood stand. Feel the smoothness of the soda-lime glass upon your fingers. Now, raise 480ml of the mighty brew of your choosing to the glory of Odin the Allfather! We’ll drink, we’ll fight, we’ll make our ancestors proud…we’ll have another round and ride for the Great Realm of In-N-Out, where all may be hearty and animal-style…

We defy you to imagine a medival or Viking-themed celebration that could be complete without raising one toast after another with this rugged bastion of all-conquering Norse strength and bravery. C’mon, what’s a hard day’s ransacking without one more grog…FOR ASGARD!

While a fine vessel worthy of Thor’s mightiest of ragers, please note, this glass is hand-wash only.

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Viking Horn Glass
Viking Horn Glass
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Perfect for sipping from just before ransacking a village

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