View-Master Virtual Reality Headset Puts A Stunning View On A Classic Toy

We’re always down for making something new of something old. The pairing of Mattel’s iconic legacy of unforgettable toys with Google’s imaginative innovation has breathed new life into the classic View-Master just in time for Christmas, and we’re hoping our last-minute addendum to our letters to Santa Claus reach the North Pole in time for us to get in a few Hail Mary good deeds that land us in the black on his Naughty-Or-Nice ledger.

If you grew up in the ’80s, your nostalgia boner just grew three sizes. The original View-Master let kids swap flimsy paper film discs into a plastic viewer and click from one image to the next, scoping out everything from adventures with He-Man to a no-budget wild animal safari. Google’s Cardboard virtual reality platform provides the foundation for what is now a VR headset with a smartphone dock supplying the image instead of vintage physical reels.

This sensational modern take on the classic View-Master design offers an immersive, interactive 3D journey through striking likenesses of famous landmarks and places, natural environments, and even our solar system’s other eight planets. As you explore the “photospheres” projected through the headset, you’ll gain a greater appreciation of each place’s history and identity from the comfort of any place that could possibly pale in comparison.

Every View-Master VR set includes a preview “reel” demonstrating what each further Experience Pack has to offer.

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