Video Flying Object VFO Smooths Out In-Flight Frisbee Footage For A Never-Before-Seen Perspective

For all the high-flying action you’ve captured with friends zipping a flying disc around, isn’t there a sweet angle you’ve been missing all this while? One even your trust GoPro can’t touch? Thanks to the Brookstone VFO Video Flying Object, you can enjoy an unprecedented first-hand account of the next time your attempt to complete an airborne catch between your legs ends with you merely getting smacked squarely in the parental area with a frisbee.

This 160g one-of-a-kind aerial harbinger of summertime fun n’ frolic brings an ultra-rugged onboard camera and flexible aerodynamic fin to the party to capture your next leisurely beach toss or epic game of ultimate in fantastic 720p HD video at 30 frames per second from the disc’s thrilling in-flight perspective. The camera spins inside a an indomitable water-resistant housing as the disc soars, storing all your phenomenal trick shots onto the included 8GB microSD card. When you’re ready to relive your day at play, download the VFO’s footage by using the micro USB-to-USB cable or simply removing the card so you can get to work cutting together the perfect inimitable highlight reel.

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