VICIS ZERO1 Football Helmet Redefines Protection With Futuristic Design

The ‘one size fits all’ concept doesn’t apply to helmets, especially football helmets, the size and fit matters, so much that it is a safety issue with coaches and teams. It’s a fact; no two heads are exactly the same size and shape, and football players know what it is like to have an uncomfortable helmet on the field, it can be a game changer, because comfort levels affect player performance.

Because of this, coaches and teams at all levels of the game have been waiting for a game changing helmet design; and the wait is over!

The VICIS ZERO1 Helmet is engineered to meet the serious need to provide greater head protection to athletes, and it does this in an innovative way. Neurosurgeon and engineers designed a multi layered helmet that absorbs all levels of impact loads to protect players’ heads.

The helmet is constructed of special commercial grade foams, waterproof lining material and it can actually conform to each players’ head shape and size, which no helmet has been able to accomplish before, now.

If you want to give your players the best head protection possible, greater comfort on the field, and a helmet that anyone can use, then the VICIS ZERO1 is what you need.

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