Vent Safe is a Clever Hidden Safe With a Powerful Lock

If you want to keep the things in your home safe and secure then you have a number of options for how to do that. One of the most obvious is to get yourself a safe, though unfortunately this brings with it some downsides. Apart from anything else, when trespassers find that you have a safe in your home, then they’ll know exactly where to look… and that you probably have something fairly valuable in there and worth stealing.

Vent safe though gets around this by looking like a regular vent on your wall. The only difference is that it is in fact, actually a safe. What this means is that your precious belongings will remain entirely inconspicuous and no one will be any the wiser unless they decide to take a random stab at breaking into your vents.

On top of this, the vent also features an RFID lock, so that even if someone did try to break in, they would have a hard time doing so.

The space is relatively small but it’s perfect for jewelry emergency savings or even a weapon and can give you peace of mind.

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