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Vapor Ring Smoke Gun Blasts Your Friends 20 Feet Away

Everything Becomes A Target With Zero Toys Vapor-Ring Gun

Not happy, don’t just ‘blow smoke’, blow vapor rings to cheer you up. Vapor rings? Yeah, vapor rings from Zero Toys Vapor-Ring Gun, it is specially design to take advantage of vaporizing technology for the sake of… fun.

The gun definitely looks futuristic, and the large green shaped cylinder nozzle, where the vapor rings exit the gun and go flying through the air, looks very cool. So, that sounds fun and everything – blowing vapor rings, but what else can you do with it?

There are many fun things you can do ‘shooting’ vapor rings. In fact, it’s so much fun shooting vapor rings that everything becomes a target. Waste paper baskets, desks, the kitchen refrigerator, your cat and you best friends. Everything is fair-game fun; even other vapor rings become moving targets. And, shooting rings at and into other rings quickly becomes the most challenging game you and friends will play.

Destroy your friends or confuse your pets with either the standard gun or the mega huge Mighty Blaster smoke ring gun that blasts up to 20 feet away.

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