USB Skull Hub Charges Everything…Brains Not Included

There a few things that people who regularly use computers always seem to need more of, and those are more USB ports and free desk space to put… stuff. Stuff that computer users need are things like snacks, coffee and a place to put odds-and-ends such as paper clips, loose change or extra USB memory sticks.

Today, computer accessories abound, USB hubs are ideal USB port solutions, but what about extra space on your desk, for important stuff like snacks. Well, there is a creepy cool solution, something that can give you more space and more USB ports – the USB Skull Hub.

Next to zombies, skulls and skeletons are very popular, especially around Halloween. But you don’t need to wait until then to get your own creepy USB Skull Hub for your desk. A broken skull that can be used to store snacks, loose change or to even place drink; what more could a lover of the undead want than a creepy cranium to place on the desk?

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Skull USB Hub
Skull USB Hub
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Brains not included

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