USB Kill Stick Will Maliciously Destroy Any Computer Dead In 2 Seconds

If you haven’t heard, there is a new USB stick available that doesn’t store information, instead, it kills computers dead. Yeah, it’s true, just plug this sucker in to your computer, if you dare, and say good-bye to using it again. So, don’t do it!

Why the inventor of this computer killing devices was ‘inspired’ to create the USB Kill Switch is anyone’s guess? However, to take a stab at some of the reasons why anyone would use it, here are a few scenarios.

1- You hate your computer.
2- You need to ‘immediately’ shut down your computer to prevent others from access it.
3- You hate the computer of someone else.
4- Access to a computer terminal needs to be physically shut down to prevent unauthorized people from using it.

The scary thing about this computer killing USB stick is that it is so easy to use, just plug it into any USB port, wait 2 seconds, and lights off! The only good thing about it is that the information on the hard disc is unharmed.







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