Ural Dark Force Motorcycle Comes With Lightsaber Luring You To Dark Side

Yep, this is it: the incredibly rare Ural Dark Force motorcycle is our achievement of peak STAR WARS.

Want one? Good luck with that. Only 25 of these $14,999 gorgeous, all-black bikes will be made to order in a far-off Ural Mountains factory to honor the Dec. 18 arrival worldwide of STAR FORCE: THE FORCE AWAKENS in theaters. Assuming you haven’t already pledged your last $15,000 to Joel Hodgson’s crusade to resurrect MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, we recommend reserving yours now.

This is no gaudy showpiece of insignia-slathered franchise porn, either. The Dark Force is a genuinely intimidating, incredible machine from its high-visibility LED headlight, black ceramic-coated exhaust, enduro bench seat and sidecar with waterproof storage to its 749cc 2 cylinder 4 stroke “boxer” flat-twin engine, it is an all-around elite ride worthy of the Sith.

What’s that? You aren’t convinced? OK. It includes a 3′ extendable lightsaber mounted on the sidecar. Yeah. You heard us. You get a lightsaber.

Visit the site today to drool yourself a deeper river over the impressive – most impressive – laundry list of superior specs.

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