Upside Down Wine Glass Will Turn Your Next Boozy Bash On Its Head

Don’t even lie. We follow you on Snapchat. We know as well as you do that you have been drunk enough at least once forgotten the functional principles of a goblet when mistakenly trying to glug just one glass too many.

Well, the Upside-Down Wine Glass is the vessel for that one in every crowd who occasionally forgets how to Stemware. Whether you are that person or are just tired of sending carpet-cleaning bills to the yutz who can’t keep it straight after a glass/bottle/case/cellar-emptying binge too far which end the wine pours out of, this is the safest and coolest drinking innovation this side of the sippy cup. It may not be entirely spill-proof, but with the wine coming to rest at the bottom of this 375ml soda-lime glass, you can rest easy with less splash risk over your brand-new upholstery.

That’s to say nothing of the fact that the Upside-Down Wine Glass is guaranteed to amuse, amaze and possibly mystify and frighten a lush just sloshed enough to neither know nor care which way is up.

Seriously. It’s like showing fire to a caveman or soap and a book without pictures to a Donald Trump voter.



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