Upet Pet Carrier Avoids Disaster when Traveling with Cats

Indoor pets like cats and bunny rabbits are indoors for a reason. These domesticated companions of ours by and large can’t handle the harsh environments of the outside world. They’re lucky to live such a luxurious life, but there comes a time when you simply have to take them outside, especially when you’re leaving that dingy apartment for another one in a nicer neighborhood.

People have relied on pet taxis and basic backpacks to escort their pets to greener pastures, but with a cat that’s not going to work and with bunnies you run the risk of smothering them. Upet is offering a healthy hands-free alternative to pet travel with their Pet Carrier. This carrier looks like a backpack from one side, but has a semi-sphere window design with your critter in mind. It’s also got a built-in security leash, mesh panels, and plenty of ventilation holes for pets up to 16 pounds.

Your cat may still object to a bumpy ride, but with the security of this carrier they’ll probably forgive and forget a little faster than hanging on for dear life without a carrier.U-pet Pet Carrier 1U-pet Pet Carrier 2U-pet Pet Carrier 8U-pet Pet Carrier 7U-pet Pet Carrier 9U-pet Pet Carrier 5U-pet Pet Carrier 3U-pet Pet Carrier 4U-pet Pet Carrier 6U-pet Pet Carrier 10



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