Uno Bolt Electric Unicycle Is Comfortable, Stable, Inexpensive, & Fun To Ride

There are many kinds of new electric personal transportation vehicles popping up in the market, but not many that have only one wheel. The Uno Bolt electric unicycle is definitely an innovative and intriguing example of what lays ahead in regards to effective and inexpensive transportation.

It’s GyroForce System easily balances riders up to 280 pounds, and the breaking is quick, but doesn’t jolt the rider. The acceleration is brisk, but not racy, and you can expect to reach a top speed of 22 mph on a flat level surface. A very handy feature is that the Uno Bolt has a reverse speed, so you can drive it in and back out of very tight spaces, making it easy to find a parking place for it anywhere.

Another welcome feature is that it only takes 45 minutes (max) to charge a completely drained battery, and it has a cruising range of 25 miles. With and intense LED headlight, and very visible tail lights, riding this electric unicycle at night is no problem.

With everything considered, the most appreciated feature is the comfortable seat and foot rests.

Unlike two-wheeled electric transportation vehicles that require the rider to stand, with Uno Bolt you can sit and relax as you travel, instead of standing.

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