Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holds Phones In Any Car

A dependably sturdy air-vent device mount is something of a necessity for maintaining cabin order, especially in municipalities and states with the most unforgiving stances against distracted driving. Gee, it’s too-awful-bad that nobody has yet devised some universal fitting that accommodates gadgets of every make, model, shape and size with a singular design.


The WizGear Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount steadies smartphones and phablets of any dimension with reinforced magnetic attraction. Bring on any Android, Apple, Blackberry or Microsoft device. The magnets’ stubborn force complements an equally sturdy high-quality rubber base with swiveling mobility to dependably resist almost any measure of road impacts and vibrations.

The WizGear Universal Air Vent Mount has one job to do, and it does it well: ensure that your phone holds up as positioned at all times without flinching at being rattled by the vehicle’s natural rumble.


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