Unicorn Tape Dispenser Is Pure Magic With A Rainbow On Its Back

Who says you have to grow up and stop believing in unicorns? No matter how old you are, unicorns never get old, they are timeless, mystical creatures that appear to those worthy of their pure magic.

If you still believe in unicorns, or you just like the way they look because of their colorful cuteness, then you can own one of your own. Place this little Unicorn Tape Dispenser on your desk or table and let it prounce around dispensing it’s magical rainbow mane – rainbow colored tape, to all who need a little loving magic to wrap their gifts.

The unicorn tape dispenser comes with 2 rolls of magical rainbow tape, a colorful horn and mane, and is sure to put some sparkling smiles on the faces of those you use it.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser (3)Unicorn Tape Dispenser (1)

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Adds a bit of extra magic and sparkle to your gifts and crafts

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