Unicorn Night Light Repels Those Nightmares With a Little Magic

Got an everlasting love for the most magnificent magical creature alive? Do you count unicorns in your sleep? Whether you just love stalking the poor creatures in your dreams or you’re just wishing something magical will happen, this Uni the Unicorn Night Light will have you braying in approval.

This nightmare-repelling nightlight will keep the boogeyman away when you need a unicorn’s magic the most; for late night toilet tours and cyberstalking famous unicorn enthusiasts online of course.

This device is wireless and uses LED bulbs for a low-powered solution to your lack of night vision. It also comes in shades of yellow, pink, and white.

So the next time you’ve got the runs or simply an obsession to carry out in the wee hours of the night, Uni’s got your back. Glow hard or go home!

Unicorn night Light Unicorn night Light
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