Unicorn Light-Up Slippers Are Magically Warm & Plush

Don’t jump to any conclusions about our Unicorn Light-Up Slippers. We didn’t need to slaughter two mythical horned beasts to traipse about our living room on chilly weekend mornings in magically adorable fashion.

The baby unicorns volunteered. Honest.

Humbled though we are by the willing sacrifice of such gorgeous creatures for the good of warming our toes, we aren’t exactly keen on sharing. Fortunately, we’ve found fluffy footwear that’s nearly as comfy without committing any messy slaughter. Our skinned unicorns shimmer with their own residual natural luminescence and enchanted golden horns. Alternately, these plush, squishy-on-the-inside white slippers illuminate the ground you walk on with rainbow LED lights embedded in their sweet little cheeks. Each slipper even includes multicolored manes and tails to recreate stuffing one’s foot inside a rare, enchanted horse’s hollowed-out carcass as authentically as possible.

These slippers fit up to U.S. women’s size 12 or men’s size 10 and include a hidden power switch and battery compartment in a zippered compartment beneath each mane. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend these Unicorn Light-Up Slippers for children under three years old.



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