Underpants Wallet Is Like An Extra Pair Of Tiny Pocket Panties

You’ve worn em’ all, boxers, trunks, maybe even the occasional jock strap, but nothing can beat those traditional tighty whities. You’ve learned to love those wedgie-inducing classics. Honestly, it’s better than free-balling with boxers and readjusting yourself every five minutes.

Whether you just love the fit or you’re looking for a fresh pair to get rid of those dreaded skid marks, Archie McPhee’s making a statement by transforming your wallet into your favorite undergarments. It’s a bad mother wallet!Their polyester canvas wallet is your standard 4-1/4” x 3-1/2” folded wallet that gives you plenty of room for cards and cash. Fight conformity at those fancy restaurants by showing em’ your geeky side.

Whether you’ve got an undies fetish or you just need a fresh pair of pocket panties, it looks like you’ll be wearing two pairs at all times from now on.

Underpants Wallet Underpants Wallet[offer_product]

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