Ultron Cookie Jar Ensures That The Doom Of Humanity Is At Least Tasty

Tony Stark is fueled as much by dry wit and bravado as alcohol and, once upon a time, a previously unknown element he re-discovered in his basement. We like to think the supremely powerful android Vision, being imbued with the consciousness of Stark’s one-time intelligent assistant JARVIS, might have absorbed just enough of that confidence to convert a vanquished foe’s noggin into decorative Oreo storage.

The price Ultron pays for convincing himself that humankind would be just great without all the humans? Instead of using this expertly crafted replica of his skull, modeled on his appearance in both 1963’s AVENGERS #57 and this past summer’s titanic Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, to recreate Vision wiping the floor with his shiny metal ass, we’ve resolved that he is the universe’s perfect cookie jar. This 7″ ceramic cranium may not be dishwasher safe, but there is a definite upside: anybody that tries to invade and conquer the sovereign snickerdoodle people of Earth will leave behind some telling fingerprints to leave you no doubt the next person caught with their fingers in the cookie-head will deserve a lid snapped on their digits.

Ultron Cookie Jar (2)

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Cookies never seemed so dangerous before

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