UltraTuner For Apple Watch Quenches Your Audience’s Music Thirst In Record Time

Nothing lasts forever, that much you know. Just like a piano that goes out of tune your stringed friend the guitar may be singing a less happy tune after one too many jam sessions. If you’re a noob or are just tired of wasting your time tuning the old-fashioned way, Apple’s about to restore your musical tone.The new UltraTuner for the Apple Watch is just one of the newer ways to tune your cherished instrument with ease in a device you already have. Released by IK Multimedia, this app’s display has two LED wing arrays that’ll light up a certain way to let you know if your notes are flat or sharp.

So the next time you’re running late for a gig, get tuned up in no time to please those thirsty music lovers.

Source – Geardiary via IK Multimedia

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