That UltraBeer Thing Gives Your Beer Better Head And Taste

If you like the taste of good beer, then you will love the way it tastes when you use the That UltraBeer Thing – a new hand-held device from the UK that improves the taste of your favorite ale or lager.

It does this by creating a micro-foam head that makes your drink taste better by generating 40Khz ultrasound waves that releases the CO2 in beer and ale. The microbubbles this produces unlocks your drink’s natural flavors, and looks cool too.

Freshly brewed beer has more natural foam when poured, but when it is canned or bottled, much of its flavor is dormant, but you can revive the flavor with That Ultrabeer Thing, by sticking it in your drink and stirring with it.

It use two AAA batteries and will last 30 minutes of continual use, which is a lot of tasty beer drinking.

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