Ultra-Thin Organic Photonic Skin Turns Your Body Into A Digital Display With Animated Tattoos

E-skin could be the new digital body modification of the 21st century with organic, animated tattoos.

Its true, now you can turn your skin into a digital screen, just like some technology out of a science fiction flick. All you have to do is slap some electronic, ultra-thin skin on the back of your hand that can display lighted numbers, for now, but future models are expect to display digital pictures.

This amazing technology is a product from Japan, its creator Takao Someya, working from the University of Tokyo, along with his team, have created a 3 micrometers thick e-skin that looks just like a layer of plastic wrap one would find wrapped around a store-bought sandwich.

Much stronger than plastic wrapping, the device uses tiny LEDs that can last several days, which exceeds all other e-skin devices on the market. The potential uses are numerous, the main ones being that e-skin can be used by medical professionals to monitor patients’ vital signs without the need of bulky equipment.

There is a video you can view to learn more about this amazing e-skin display technology, and how it will eventually replace the watch and other electronic devices people commonly use today.

organic photonic skin (2)organic photonic skin (3)organic photonic skin (1)Source – University of Tokyo / Science Mag via  New Scientist

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