Ultimate Super-Manly BBQ Tailgating Gloves Got Everything A Real Man Could Want!

Tailgating means hosting a meal out of the back of your parked vehicle and usually involves a lot of grilling. It’s a great way to enjoy a barbeque pretty much anywhere you want with friends and it’s an excellent opportunity for men to feel manly without accidentally getting their hands blown off while trying to open a beer (men love grilling!).

tailgating glove

But manly though you might be, that doesn’t mean you’re willing to get your hands dirty or break a nail! That’s why it can be useful to wear gloves to avoid nasty burns (and to keep you warm in nasty weather) which is where these Tailgating Gloves from StoneBreaker come in.

What makes these Tailgating Gloves rather than just… you know… gloves?

glove with bottle opener

Well, apart from the thick leather, padding and insulation to help keep your hands protected from the cold of the elements and the heat from the grill; these gloves also have a bottle opener built right into the palm. That means you can now palm open your beer bottles with no need to search around for a tool to open them with.

Best of all, you don’t need to tell anyone that they have this feature – they’ll think you just have hands of steel. Now who’s a wuss for wearing gloves?

pair of manly gloves

Source – HiConsumption/ KickStarter

Ultimate Must-Have Tailgating Gear
Ultimate Must-Have Tailgating Gear
Everything you need for the ultimate tailgating party, or at home.
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