Ultimate Cutting Board Is A Prep Station Unto Itself For Home Chefs

It would seem we owe our food an apology: The Ultimate Cutting Board has shown us just how deplorably we’ve been short-changing our food.

This product of inventive Canadian entrepreneurs has been called “the Swiss Army Knife of Cutting Boards”. From foodies to newbies, we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could convincingly disagree. This isn’t so much a cutting board as a portable prep station equipped with multiple handy drawers built in beneath the surface, two included 4 oz. measuring cups, and even a juicer and mandoline slicer/cheese grater. Everything, including the detachable serving platter, is fashioned from gorgeous walnut-inlaid maple wood that easily washes clean as a whistle. The hard, tightly grained wood will take a beating from any knife and smile while remaining highly sanitary from one use to the next without leaving bacteria room to gain a foothold.

If you can’t find space to store The Ultimate Cutting Board in its fully assembly, fret not. The magnetic attachments part easily to transport and pack away individual pieces in any convenient fashion that suits your kitchen.

If you’d like to own The Ultimate Cutting Board yourself, there may be no better time than right now. As of Jan. 8, 321 Kickstarter backers have taken advantage of some outstanding special pricing to shore up $42,500 in funding, easily eclipsing the $37,449 initial goal with 25 days to go.

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The Swiss Army Knife of cutting boards.Your kitchen will never be the same.

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