Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas For Funny Holiday Cheer

Screw it. We actually feel just a bit wrong calling these glorious Christmas sweaters “ugly”.

If being “ugly” is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

OK, except that one with Santa Claus recreating the photo of a starkers Kim Kardashian Force-levitating spraying champagne into a glass perched on her giant ass. That one actually looks unfortunatley like a fully grown jolly old elf is actually about to send that milk down a funnel and into the back of his pants.

Then again, there is someone, somewhere, whose traumatizing unanswered Christmas wish has always been to offer Santa Claus a dairy enema.

Then again, if you aren’t taken by the more simple and less awkward charms of a buddy snapshot of Jesus and Santa just being bros, we also spy a snowman whose carrot is wishing the world a VERY happy holiday and Santa turning all that milk and egg nog left for him around the world into a “Merry Christmas” to all. On the odd-but-amusing end of the spectrum, yes, that one sweater’s stocking will actually accommodate a full-size wine bottle and that is indeed a two-person “I’ve been naughty/I’ve been nice” sweater.

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Ugly Christmas Sweaters
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