Type 5 Gentleman Dive Watch Designed For Reading Under Any Conditions

If you are a diver, then you know that while underwater, when you are looking at your gauges and dive watch, it isn’t as clear as on the surface. Time is important when you’re diving, which makes fielding a quality dive watch paramount, especially one that you can read easily underwater, regardless of the angle of view.

For some men – gentlemen with a taste for style – a quality all-weathered dive watch that can be worn all the time is a desirable item, indeed. A watch like the Type 5 Gentleman Dive Watch, it is ‘the’ only time piece that will do, because there is no mirror reflection under water or on the surface, and the time can be clearly seen during the day and night, thanks to the illuminated watch face.

Unlike most dive watches that use thickened glass and over-sized watch faces, the Type 5 uses oil technology that allow unaltered view of the watch face, because liquid can’t be compressed, the watch can handle underwater pressure ‘extremely’ well. Oil technology such as this, where all the components are encased and suspended in an oil filled titanium watch case, require less power to operate and are lighter than most other dive watches.

The gentleman dive watch is specially designed, so it can be worn every day, day and night, in and out of the water, it is ideally suited for the confident, active and adventurous men who appreciate class and quality timepieces that can keep up with their active lives – the Type 5 Gentleman Diver Watch.


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