Twitchy Kitty Electronic Tail Swishes To Express Your Emotions

Do you love cats, or do you ‘love’ cats? If you are a true cat lover, then anything that even hints of kitty cuteness becomes a must have item. Have you always dreamed of being a cat, with cute kitty ears and a long fluffy tail?

Well, bolt down your cat’s claw pads, and make room for a new kitty litter box because you can now become a cat too! It’s true, with the Twitchy Kitty Electronic Tail. This electronic cat tail is designed by cat lovers, for cat loving enthusiasts, it serves one perfect ‘purrr’pose – transform into a cat, anytime you feel like it.

Whether you ‘really’ want to be a cat, or just have fun dressing up, this strap on twitchy cat tail move like a real cat’s tail. And, when you place the kitty ears on your head, then you’ll know, you have completed the kitty transformation.


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Express your pleasure or displeasure like your favorite feline

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