Twister Picnic Blanket Makes a Day at the Beach a Contortionist’s Dream

If you have a lot of house parties, you’ve probably pulled out the ole Twister game a time or two. This game is unique in that you and your friends get to be the playing pieces as you contort your body around your friends to stand the longest. The only problem is that it’s not the most outdoorsy game. Until now.

This game got it’s fame in the 60’s, but just because its old doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted in new ways. A new version of the game called the Twister Picnic Blanket gives players the luxury of having some picnic time before contorting like acrobats.

This fleece blanket with waterproof backing is perfect for a day by the beach and comes with a mini spinner. Left foot green!Twister Picnic Blanket (3)Twister Picnic Blanket (1)Twister Picnic Blanket (4)



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