Turn Your iPad Into A Real Classic Match Foosball Table

Bringing Old-School Geekdom into the New Millenium
Remember back when you played that foosball in your cousin’s basement? Alright, now imagine that clunky old foosball table shrunken down with a shrink ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids.


Yep, that’s right. Your iPad can now be a foosball table. This awesome accessory connects with your iPad and comes with all the expected bells and whistles too. Control bars, scoring markers, leg stands to keep it upright.

The device can even serve as a docking station and charges your iPad while you play! This Classic match Foosball accessory is a tribute to old school geekdom and a new option for those stormy days.

Classic match Foosball Ipad Classic match Foosball Classic match Foosball 2

Ipad Classic match Foosball Ipad Classic match Foosball Ipad Classic match Foosball[offer_product]
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