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Turf War Garden Gnome Memorializes How The Grass Was Won

There’s a war of attrition afoot just under your nose. More accurately, right beneath your kneecaps. The whole of your landscaping hangs in the balance with only one certainty: whether gnomes or trolls emerge victorious, something short and ugly will rule over your rhubarb.

We’re placing our bets on the Turf War Garden Gnome to accurately paint a picture of the less pleasant and affable trolls slapping the standoff against wee bearded folk in a metaphorical and perhaps literal headlock from the start. We look forward to making the acquaintance of our nasty little underfoot overlords, right down to honoring them with this 9″ durable poly resin statue depicting the inevitable defeat of the Patron Saint of Travelocity.

Hey, it’s nothing personal against the gnomes. We love gnomes. We just don’t love gnomes as much as we hate rabbits raiding our vegetable patches and it’s obvious who will put Peter Cottontail squarely in his place.


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The battle for backyard domination is on

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