TruSwing Golf Trainer Trains Your Swing With Game-Changing Metrics

What golfer doesn’t want to improve their swing? None, that is why for as long as golf has dominated the interest of sports, improving one’s game swing is paramount, especially among peers. Well, there have been countless golf gadgets that promise to improve the swing of golfers, but many have fallen short on their claims, until now.

Introducing TruSwing, a technological training advantage that ‘will’ improve your swing and your game, and leave your peers scratching their heads as to how you improved so drastically, so fast.

Mount TruSwing golf trainer onto your club, then swing. A metric sensor will then analyze your speed, swing tempo, club angle and more, it will then display your results that you then use to make adjustments to improve your swing. Basically, it’s like having your own golf professor helping you with your game.

Among all the golf gadgets, TruSwing is the only device that can interface with Garmin GPS mobile golf gadgets. And, because of it’s small size, you can use it during real game-play. Just don’t let your peers know your secret training weapon, because TruSwing is truly a game changer.

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