Tron Roller Coaster At Shanghai Disney Is An Incredible Illusion Ride

Disney has produced a lot of films over the years, but the movie ‘Tron’ is one that has reached iconic proportions. It was the first movie of its kind, where a person could meld into the processing world of the computer, and then mingle with other beings/computer programs in their struggle over good and… bad programming.

In honor of the movie and to the delight of Tron fans everywhere, in China, the Shanghai Disney Resort has a new themed ride named the “Tron Light Cycle Run” and it will take you on a ride, into the world of Tron.

Utilizing enclosed track, hologram and light projections to provide depth and realism, the ride creates an illusion of massive acceleration in speed, and riders of the Tron bikes will swear they’ve reached light speed as they are zoom through the computer world. It’s an impressive, orchestrated blend of light technology that makes you feel you’ve actually gone inside the computer world of Tron.

Source – CBR

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