TRON: Legacy LEGO Set Let’s You Reimagine Iconic Scenes From The Movie Brick Style

Perhaps you remember the whizzing noise of the Light Cycle tearing across the grid. The blue and orange trails left behind, signaling what had been there just moments before. Whether you’re a fan of the original 90s TRON or the reimagined TRON: Legacy, everyone can love this TRON LEGO set. Stage your very own battle with three minifigures, or display them as part of your pop culture or sci-fi collection.

In the kit, you’ll have everything you need to build two Light Cycles with translucent-colored “light” elements along with a divisible TRON grid that you can use as a display base or as a prop to recreate famous scenes. You’ll also get 3 LEGO minifigures, Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler. The authentic set leaves out no detail, including Quorra’s sword and the Identity Discs of each of the characters. Each of the constructed Light Cycles measures 6 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1 inch tall. The TRON grid is just over 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

You’ll also get an information book with the classic LEGO building instructions, and also information about this set’s fan creator and about Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie. What sets this set apart and really gives it the TRON vibe is the translucent light-style LEGO elements that make up the Light Cycles. It makes them seem less plasticky and more realistic. Whether this set is a gift or for yourself, to play with or to display, you won’t be disappointed.

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