Triple Beverage Dispenser Backpack Puts a Party On Your Back

Everybody knows that nerds will rule the world one day. Sure you may not have chiseled washboard abs like all the college jocks out there, but you’re clever. You probably don’t charm anyone’s pants off with chiseled good looks, but you’re ambitious.

If you’re looking for the next contraption to give you a one up at the next frat party, check out this Triple Beverage Dispenser Backpack. This extension of your awesomeness can hold 3 ½-quart drink dispensers for any thirsty encounter. Its adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure your comfort as you make your presence known to your cocky counterparts.

Who’s better now? You’ve got a party on your back. Doesn’t look like you’ll have anything to worry about.

Triple-Beverage-Dispenser-Backpack (1)Triple-Beverage-Dispenser-Backpack (2)
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