TriceraTACO The Triceratops Taco Holder Keeps Dinosaur Sized Tacos From Crumbling In T

There are so many kinds of tacos today, such as beef tacos, chicken tacos, pork tacos, vegi-tacos, and even fish tacos, to name a few. The reason tacos are such a popular food is obvious, they are delicious. In fact, the only bad thing about tacos is once you bite into one your almost committed to hold onto it until your finished eating.

Putting down a taco mid-way can get messy, especially for those who just love liberally bathing their tacos in hot sauce. Thankfully, the TriceraTACO holder is here to save your taco day.

The Triceratops taco holder has a place on it’s back for two tacos, although hard tacos are held firmly in place, it is not recommended for soft taco use. However, as an eating accessory, this prehistoric taco holder is a big hit with kids, and you can expect lots of excitement next time you are having tacos for dinner.

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Perfect for a prehistoric sized lunch

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