Triby Connected Speaker Is A Kitchen Message Board On Steroids

Straight from the landscape of the innovative startup-oriented community Amazon Launchpad comes Triby, a combination hands-free speaker and digital message board that just might make shared, kid-friendly family communication on the go fun again.

Triby is powered by a required iOS8 companion app (Android compatibility rolls out in 2016) that lets Triby make free internet calls to connected smartphones and ordinary calls by way of Bluetooth connectivity from up to 15 feet away. It’s also the hub for streaming Spotify playlists and your favorite internet radio choices over any Bluetooth phone at the push of a button with surprisingly crisp, clear sound.


While you’re at it, scratch your creative etch. The always-on display is your canvas for drawing and sharing doodles and texts from your phone, or just displaying them proudly on the fridge with magnetized back sticks. Don’t sweat the power-drain, either; one full battery charge carries up to a month of juice.

We’re with Triby’s creators in agreeing that the undisputed best home for this Ultimate Etch-A-Sketch is the kitchen, hands-down. For one thing, it’s the nexus for all household traffic anyway, so it might as well be equipped with at least one versatile tool designed to live up to the communication-management demands. Just as importantly, trying to manually manipulate, balance, cradle and juggle a phone with hands that just get messier and messier while cooking is an invitation to a few choice disasters: a dropped-and-busted device, a phone that takes an impromptu marinara dive off an ill-angled shoulder, or something getting burned while the cook’s attention is divided.

Not only does Triby keep your hands truly free, but the HD quality of four digital microphones keeps your voice clear as a bell even from 15 feet away. Truly, this is the Wi-Fi device the family intended.

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Brings your family together anywhere they may be.

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