Tree Ring Cushioned Stool Lets You Bring A Piece Of Nature Indoors

Stools come in handy around the house, especially busy homes where there are children around, but one of the handiest types of stools to have are cushioned stools. Make no mistake, there is lots of fun to have with stools, especially if these are themed based with children in mind.

However, nature themed stools like this Tree Ring Cushioned Stool is ideal for kids and adults. In fact, the realistic HD printed polyurethane material looks so real, just like the bark on a real tree, that you have to actually get up close to it to realize it’s not a chunk of timber, but a comfy cushioned stool.

Because it does look so real, it’s a great way to bring a little outdoor nature indoor to dress up the interior of your home, by creating a nature theme. The best part of natural wood charm is that it syncs with nearly any interior décor.

Tree Ring Cushioned Stool (1)

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Ever dream of living in the woods? Now you can, only more comfy.

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