Transparent Glass Toaster Makes Breakfast Is Fun Again

Ever wonder what it’s like to see perfectly good food ruined before your eyes? Well, it’s entirely possible that designer James Stumpf once pondered just such an existential query while conceiving this transparent Bamboo Toaster.

No, genius, you can’t see through the bamboo. If that were the case, we would be order a forest of clear bamboo to playfully confuse our pet panda Sim-Sim. However, this delightful kitchen gadget is made from 100% sustainable bamboo and glass framing with a handy digital display. Burning your bagel is now a full-fledged breakfast show.

Just in case a transparent, environmentally friendly toaster isn’t enough of an artsy touch to your kitchen, feel free to check out Stumpf’s other see-through kitchen gadgets, including mixers and blenders also made from bamboo and glass.

If you’ll excuse us, we now have 15 pounds of burned English muffins to feed Sim-Sim.

See-Through-Glass-Toaster (4)See-Through-Glass-Toaster (3)See-Through-Glass-Toaster (1)

Source – Foodiggity via StumpfStudio

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Making Breakfast is Clearly Awesome

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